The rich experience in working with clients representing various industries allowed us to thoroughly understand the specifics of the business environment – thanks to this, you can count on comprehensive support at every stage of your business in Norway. We will help you achieve your business goals by managing your accounting and tax processes efficiently.

At NST Accounting, we are licensed accountants and tax specialists providing financial and tax accounting services in Norway.

We communicate in Lithuanian, English, Norwegian and Russian.

We offer efficient accounting processes and optimal tax solutions

Setting up a business

We advise on the choice of legal form, prepare incorporation documents and apply for registration in the Norwegian Business Companies Register.

Accounting services

We provide financial and tax accounting services in accordance with Norwegian legislation. Depending on the client’s needs, our accounting services range from the formulation of accounting policies to the preparation of financial statements.


We advise companies – new or already doing business in Norway – on business, accounting and tax issues. We provide specialised advice to Lithuanian branches (NUFs) on issues of permanent establishment and avoidance of double taxation.

Our goal is to make your business in Norway run smoothly!

Clients about us:

“An accountant is an older-than-middle-aged man with the eyes of a codfish: cautious, frowning, intelligent, formal, passive, polite, but at the same time indifferent, calm and disgustingly restrained, like a concrete pillar or a plaster mummy with a fossilised heart of feldspar and without even a hint of a charming friendliness, without sympathy or enthusiasm, without a sense of humour. Fortunately, they don't reproduce and eventually all go to hell”.

Elbert Grim Chabard


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