We provide advice on Norwegian accounting and tax issues for those planning or already doing business in Norway. Our tax consultants will explain the Norwegian accounting principles and the tax return and payment procedures in a language you can understand.

For those planning to do business in Norway

  • We can help you choose the most appropriate form of legal entity in Norway, depending on the nature of your business, the location and number of shareholders, the size of the share capital, the intended customers and the number of employees.
  • We advise on the choice of the company’s name in accordance with the Norwegian procedure.
  • We advise on the company’s management structure and the procedure for appointing managers.
  • We advise on accounting and tax optimisation.

For NUF companies, we help answer questions on avoiding double taxation

  • Is it compulsory to register a company in Norway?
  • Is it compulsory to declare employees and their wages?
  • In which country, Lithuania or Norway, is the obligation to pay VAT, Personal Income Tax, social contributions and corporate income tax?
  • How do I correctly assess the taxable and non-taxable income of projects in Norway?
  • How to correctly transfer costs incurred by a company in Lithuania related to NUF activities in Norway to NUF accounting?
  • How to calculate the correct corporate income tax in Lithuania and Norway on income earned in Norway?
  • How to correctly declare NUF’s income, expenses and corporate income tax paid in Lithuanian and Norwegian tax returns?
  • When and to whom is the tax liability on wages and Lithuanian per diem payments due?
  • Are Lithuanian daily allowances considered as daily allowances in Norway?
  • Is it compulsory to register for VAT?
  • When does the obligation to calculate corporate income tax in Norway arise?
  • How to harmonise the application of Lithuanian and Norwegian labour law, accounting and tax legislation?
  • Other consultations

We have an in-depth knowledge of the Norwegian business environment and can help our clients with other business-related issues:

  • Safety at work
  • Business and employee insurance
  • Employee recruitment
  • Hiring workers
  • Pension accumulation
  • Obtaining permits and licences
  • Norwegian banks
  • Acquisition, transfer and disposal of assets
  • Communication and submission of documents to authorities
  • Contractual matters
  • Managing debt recovery processes

Assessment of the accounting process and tax liability

If you would like a “second opinion” on your company’s accounting, we can quickly and efficiently assess the quality of your accounting by asking you key questions about your business, accounting and tax. 

The first consultation is free

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